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The Perry Hotel & Marina
Grand Del Mar
Pasadena Collection
Lake Forest Marketplace
North Hollow Apartments
Heritage Center

OPC's business plan is focused on:

  • Leveraging of 35+ years of commercial real estate investment sourcing and financing expertise, as well as our extensive industry relationships

  • Identifying high-yielding and attractive risk adjusted commercial real estate debt and equity investment opportunities 

  • Pursuing only investment opportunities where OPC has a competitive advantage through: 

    • On the ground local asset and market intelligence, coupled with​

    • Access to equity and debt capital specifically targeting that individual investment opportunity

  • Structuring investments where our Capital Partners do not pay a double promote or asset management fee 

  • Joint-Venturing with best-in-class regional owners & property managers who bring the local market intelligence to price an investment aggressively and with confidence. OPC allows our local Strategic Partners to participate in the co-investment and property management responsibilities while OPC leads the asset management responsibilities.

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