OPC’s capital partners include well known and established institutional private equity opportunity funds, REIT’s as well as high net worth investors. OPC accesses the right capital partner that is pursuing a specific investment profile. Private equity funds prefer higher yielding opportunistic and development deals. Debt funds and REIT’s prefer higher yielding debt investments and high net worth investors prefer a moderate risk profile and a strong cash yield. These capital partners provide the majority of the capital in each investment with OPC serving as the general partner/sponsor.

  • Colony NorthStar / Colony Financial Inc. (Global):

       Headquartered in Los Angeles with over $60 billion in AUM

  • Lubert Adler Real Estate Funds (U.S.):

       Headquartered in Philadelphia with over $17 billion in AUM

  • Blum Capital (Global):

       Headquartered in San Francisco with over $10 billion in AUM

  • Normandy (U.S.):

       Headquartered in New Jersey with over $5 billion in AUM

  • Five Mile Capital (U.S.):

       Headquartered in Connecticut with over $2 billion in AUM

  • Atalaya Capital (U.S.):

       Headquartered in New York with over $2 billion in AUM

  • Contrarian (Global):

       Headquartered in Connecticut with over $1 billion in AUM

  • Spectrum Group (U.S.):

       Headquartered in New York with over $500 million in AUM

  • Arena Investors (Global):

       Headquartered in New York with over $420 million in AUM

  • The Molaskey Group of Companies:

       Headquartered in Las Vegas and has constructed over 4,700   

       multifamily units


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