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OPC only pursues investment opportunities where it has a competitive advantage.

Below are two significant components to create and maximize this advantage.


Strategic Sponsors


OPC’s strategic sponsors are best in class commercial real estate owner / operators that manage properties in specific real estate markets. This JV relations provides OPC local market intel which is critical on the upfront underwriting and pricing of the investment. They provide boots on the ground property management to help OPC formulate and execute the business plan for each investment. Additionally, OPC requires each local partner to invest significant capital alongside OPC.


Capital Partners

OPC’s capital partners include well known and established institutional private equity opportunity, REIT’s as well as high net worth investors. OPC accesses the right capital partner that is pursuing a specific investment profile. Private equity funds prefer higher yielding opportunistic and development deals. Debt funds and REIT’s prefer higher yielding debt investments and high net worth investors prefer a moderate risk profile and a strong cash yield. These capital partners provide the majority of the capital in each investment with OPC serving as the general partner/sponsors.

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